Leadership Briefing

Live Local Training; Intentional Living Exposed

Monday, August 21, 6:30 pm to 9pm

Secret Formula of Champions


Embassy Suites, San Luis Obispo CA


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What is it?

The Briefing is a 2 hour course in intentional living, an opportunity to unlock something in you that could change your life forever! Explore a point of view that has made a difference for millions of people in every walk of life. This seminar offers tremendous insight into ourselves and mankind; a powerful new picture of how to live life with focused intention and faith.

What do you get?

The secret formula for success.
  • Clarify your vision.
  • Become a better leader.
  • Turn your goals into reality.
  • Create a Better Marriage and Family.
  • Grow your business or Start a new one.

What’s next?

Get all the information you need to learn how to apply The Council on Leadership community and training platform. Move you, your family, company, or church from good to great. Grow your business, exponentially or start a new one. Reach goals you may have long abandoned. Maybe even discover your purpose. Attend BaseCamp and expect spectacular new things to happen in your life.

What Others Say

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Make Life Better Together
Tools Training and Preparation to Take Your Mountain

BaseCamp is that safe place where you prepare

for the challenges and opportunities life brings you.

“BaseCamp” is an analogy for the place you gather the tools and prepare for the next journey. No matter who you are or at what point you find yourself in life, strong or weak, wealthy or poor, courageous or afraid, BaseCamp can help you sort through the priorities of life and explore your deepest questions. See grace and freedom for great dreams; overcome your fears and see victory in the midst of desperate of situations. BaseCamp is where you get the perspective and experience to take on your highest mountain, break down the strongholds and take on your biggest dream. This is a safe and confidential environment to explore what is next for you. Leave here with a whole new vision for life.

Come to BaseCamp just for yourself. Discover some long suppressed thoughts –wonderful ideas for change – then you realize your life’s habits are from long-term even generational routines instead of intentions for where you really want to go. Don’t just set one goal, set a bunch of goals, breakthrough strongholds, overcome challenges and expand  your possibilities!

BaseCamp foundation for life.


Typical schedule – Students attend all sessions:
Thursday 6pm to 10pm
Friday 6pm to 10pm
Saturday 9am to 6pm

  • Communication

    Learn communication skills that can help you reconcile any relationship.

  • Responsible

    Learn to recognize your personal value and use your God given freedom of choice to create more abundance in your life.

  • Agreement

    Learn how to use your agreements to create extraordinary lasting results.

  • Intention

    Learn to raise your intentions to excel regardless of circumstances.

  • Unity

    Learn to lead from abundance where win-win means maximum gain with no harm.

Next BaseCamp

Students attend all sessions:

Thu. Sept 21,  6pm to 10pm
Fri.   Sept 22,  6pm to 10pm
Sat.  Sept 23,  9am to   6pm

Caladero Grand Room, Holiday Inn Express, Atascadero CA


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Embassy Suites, San Luis Obispo CA

Mon, Aug 21, 6:30pm – 9pm


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Caladero Grand Room, Holiday Inn Express, Atascadero CA

Thu, Sept 21, 6pm – 10pm
Fri, Sept 22, 6pm – 10pm
Sat, Sept 23, 9am – 6pm


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Embassy Suites – SLO, San Luis Obispo CA

Sun. Dec 3, 12pm
Thu, Dec. 7, 7pm


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