Course-I: Discover

Course-I, Discover:

Self-Awareness; Personal Mastery

Our first step in leadership development where the individual’s Emotional Intelligence (EI) is revealed as a primary factor in employee engagement.

A safe place to gather the tools and insights to explore how expanding our emotional intelligence can improve all our relationship including workplace satisfaction and performance. This is a systematic interactive workshop where deep contextual learning takes place. You’ll discover that work reactions and social habits are in response to long-term ingrained routines that hi-jack our judgement and behavior and inhibit the positive action that can move us toward our goals.

Expanding your Emotional Intelligence at the Discover course can be utilized immediately and will last a lifetime.

Learn to:

  • Raise employee engagement.
  • Recognize when a team is drifting out of focus.
  • Think and act beyond our existing views and limits.
  • Expand awareness to retain key employees and reduce turnover.
  • Improve customer relations and client retention, increase your net promoter score.
  • Communicate better with co-workers, colleagues, customers, and employees.

Course-I, Discover, is for executives, managers, and employees at any level. If you are disengaged at work, frustrated with employee patterns or the opposite, looking to raise a good team’s performance level, you may find this course to be one of the best contextual learning programs of your career. Discover can help you sort through the interactions, limiting patterns, and resistance you encounter. Expand your Emotional Intelligence and discover your deepest concepts and beliefs about how decisions are made. Get new perspectives and tools to take on your fastest growth. Discover barriers to passion and clarity. This is a safe and confidential environment to re-engage in your company and perhaps in your life. Leave the Discover course fully alive with elevated creativity and passion for work and life!

Typical schedule: One 10-hour or Two 8-hour days.

All classes are tailored to the demographics, needs and goals of the client.

*ROI GUARANTEE (Details: Terms and Conditions)

  • EI: Communication

    Move a team to alignment with communication skills to hear and be heard

  • EI: Responsible

    Build a team that embraces responsibility to the entire bottom-line of the entire organization.

  • EI: Agreements

    Learn to use your agreements to drive project outcome and increase bottom-line.

  • EI: Commitment

    Reasons or Results, learn how to use commitment to excel regardless of circumstances.

  • EI: Collaboration

    Learn to lead from abundance to create maximum gain and do no harm!

Course-II: Accelerate

Building leaders to unleash creativity and innovation
Maximize results and drive profitability

Course-II, Accelerate:
Social-Awareness; Interpersonal-Mastery

Four lively days of experiences and exercises designed to expand Emotional Intelligence to understand the behavioral dynamics of a team. Learn to overcome emotional blocks that resist forward movement, especially in areas of leadership. This is an opportunity to address past experiences, circumstances and destructive beliefs that, once-again, hi-jack us and hold our teams down. In this course you will expand your emotional intelligence to better understand other people’s moods and motives, improve collaboration company-wide:

  • Create a shared vision and purpose.
  • Improve your ability to build consensus.
  • Develop deeper richer communication skills.
  • Build on the power of commitment within a team.
  • Develop a stronger more powerful, more effective team.
  • Better recognize and capitalize on the strengths of others.
  • Expand your ability to develop team leaders and team players.
  • Empower others to push through conflict and come together as a unit.
  • Learn to be grounded and relaxed in the midst of difficult circumstances.
  • Increase your capacity to create alignment and keep teams focused on achieving their goals.
  • Unlock the creative energy and create passion for your company’s vision, mission, and purpose.

Typical Schedule

Day 1: 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Day 2: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Day 3: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Day 4: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

minimum class size – 12 students

All classes are tailored to the demographics, needs and goals of the client.

  • Fun

    The most fun week of your life! An entire day committed to creating breakthrough in a Fun outdoor day.

  • Fear

    Overcome Fear, some you know about and some you will discover and you have the opportunity to set them all behind you!

  • Trust

    Learn to Trust yourself at very high levels and build confidence.

  • Purpose

    Clarify your purpose. You have seen a vision of what you want out of life but society and the lie of  competing commitment have kept you from it! Clarity will result in focus which results in committed action towards the life you want for you and your community.

  • Abundance

    Expand you wealth consciousness. Create a more Abundant mindset. Breakthrough everywhere scarcity keeps you from the abundance you want and deserve.

  • Relationship

    Breakthrough in the beliefs that keep you from making your company Relationships more productive.

  • Breakthrough

    Freedom comes from Breakthrough, overcome the limiting beliefs that keep you from building the organization you want

  • Release off the past

    Baggage you drag it into every situation, Ladies from your dad; Men from your dad and mom. In your last class you discovered a multitude of sunglasses that hold you back, Break Free!

  • Competing Commitment

    Discover and expose your Competing commitment. That one thing you are committed to that interferes with your ability to move forward. Discover the root of all your belief systems in well established neurological pathways.

Council Learning Experience

What’s different?

Our approach guides our organizations to create a shift in culture. Together we systematically move our organization from a culture of distrust and sabotage to one of care and collaboration.

Getting our teams on a solid foundation requires that we go to work to change our thinking. Sitting in a lecture or reading a book is not enough, an emotional motivational speech won’t work either. We learned and created our ingrained beliefs through experience and encounter; in order to change them we have to expose those beliefs with a new experience. In the Council’s Learning Experience we leverage activities and games to help you to develop new behaviors.

NOT a motivational training – although fun and sometimes exciting this will not prepare you for leadership.  You know this if you have attended any a motivational speech or training, they are fun but the results are short lived and the excitement fleeting.

NOT a lecture or subject matter training on what to do – although you have to know what to do, this will NOT prepare you for leadership. How many books have you read with all the necessary instructions and seen nothing change in your teams?

The Council’s Learning Experience trains us to be a detective. In a series of skits games and exercises we practice searching out the beliefs and strongholds that hold us back from being what we are best designed to do, exposing our gifts and talents to be leveraged for the vision of the company.


Steve is an amazing motivator with a sound grasp on what it takes to be successful in business and a solid theological foundation to minister to partners and clients alike. It has been a privilege to work with Steve and an honor to know him. Things will never be the same…and I’m looking forward to the next time we get to serve together!

Steve is a very astute business person and an extremely good judge of people. He readily grasps the key components and factors of any given situation, and moves quickly to maximize benefits for the enterprise and his team members. Anyone would do well to count Steve among their valued business associates

“It has truly been a pleasure to see a “Master” at work in creating an environment that allows and encourages people to accomplish things both professionally and personally that they didn’t believe possible”

I have known Steve for well over 10 years… and he has always been helpful. I recommend him for any board evaluation and he will cover just about everything needed.  His ideas are extremely challenging and when he can get 25 people on the same page… well the results are outstanding.

John (Edwards) was part of a team that provided high-powered and extremely effective leadership training. John has a deep understanding of this field, and provides a powerful and controlled environment for personal growth.

Steve coached our team to exceed our goal.  It was a pleasure to work with someone that is dedicated and committed to their work.

Our leadership team spent two days in Steve Hinton’s seminar and we tripled our sales the very next month.

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