Is Your Marriage Struggling?

Do you feel like you are working in your marriage but not seeing the results you want? Or, is your marriage not where you hoped it would be by now? You aren’t alone!

Ready to Climb?

Yes, sometimes the situation seems hopeless, but not because you don’t have the ability to work on it.  We find that most people are willing to do the work, if they have the tools needed to get to the top.

That is where our introductory workshop – Basecamp – gets you started.  BaseCamp is the place you gather the tools and prepare to take on your next climb.

But, if you are looking for a rah-rah motivational feel good class, then you should look elsewhere.  Basecamp is intended to give real world tools and techniques to help re-vitalize your relationship.

  • Communication

    Yeah, yeah… Everybody says communication is the cornerstone to a healthy relationship.  Of course that is correct…  But HOW do you actually make that happen?  You will learn specific skills make it a reality.

  • Agreement

    Learn how to take you common ground or agreements and build on that foundation to create lasting results.

  • Unity

    Learn specific techniques that will allow you to lead your relationship into a “win-win” scenario which creates maximum gain with no harmful side effects.

How Does it Work?

Getting more life into your marriage requires that you actually take on that challenge and to do that you need to work at changing your perspective.  Sitting in a lecture or reading a book is not enough.

You learned and created your beliefs by experience and in order to change them you have to expose your beliefs with an experience. Once exposed, we help you evaluate how those beliefs affect your behavior and their impact on our lives.

In BaseCamp, we create a learning experience by leveraging activities and games to help you develop new behaviors.

NOT a motivational training – although fun and sometimes exciting this will not prepare you to create a great marriage. Attended any a motivational speech or training and the results are short lived.

NOT a lecture on what to do – although you have to know what to do, you can buy a book for that. and how many books have you read with no change?

When & Where?

  • Location

    Four Points by Sheraton
    1050 Schooner Drive
    Ventura, CA, 93001

    Google Map of Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbor Resort

  • Date & Times

    2-Day Workshop

    Sat. July 14th from 9am to 7pm

    Sun. July 15th from 9am to 6pm

  • Meals

    Breakfast Provided Both Days

  • Hotel

    Discounted rooms available!

    Booking information provided upon registration.

What’s the Cost?

Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend all sessions on both days and feel this experience isn’t for you… We will refund your money!

Have Questions?
Need a Human?

If you have some questions, please contact our event coordinator: Jeremy Skalland @ (888) 814-1314 ext 5

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