BaseCamp is where you prepare you for the challenges and opportunities life brings you.

“BaseCamp” is the place you gather the tools and prepare to take on your next climb. A systematic interactive workshop where you find some long suppressed dreams of what you want to do or who you can be.  You will discover your life’s habits are from long-term ingrained routines instead of actions that get you where you want to go. Set a bunch of goals, expand  your possibilities, and create the life you really want!

Learn to:

  • Find a better job
  • Increase your income
  • Increase your capacity to love
  • Quickly build your client base
  • Improve working relationships
  • Communicate with a teenager
  • Overcome procrastination (later)
  • Tools to communicate with anyone anywhere
  • Think and act beyond existing views and limits
  • Expand your wealth consciousness (Abundance)
  • Save a marriage or make a good marriage even better
  • Produce spectacular results regardless of the circumstances

Come to BaseCamp just for yourself. No matter who you are or at what point you find yourself in life, strong or weak, wealthy or poor, courageous or afraid, BaseCamp can help you sort through the priorities of life and explore your deepest questions. See grace and freedom for great dreams; overcome your fears and see victory in the midst of desperate of situations. BaseCamp is where you get the perspective and experience to take on your highest mountain, break down the strongholds and take on your biggest dream. This is a safe and confidential environment to explore what is next for you. Leave BaseCamp with a whole new vision for life.

BaseCamp Foundation for Life:


Typical Schedule – Attend all sessions:
Saturday 9am to 6pm
Sunday 9am to 6pm

*MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (Details: Terms and Conditions)
Price may vary geographically – See specific event.

Tools Training Preparation

  • Communication

    Learn communication skills that will help you to reconcile any relationship.

  • Responsible

    Learn to recognize your personal value and use your God given freedom of choice to create more abundance in your life.

  • Agreement

    Learn how to use your agreements to create extraordinary lasting results.

  • Commitment

    Learn to identify what’s important to you and get more of what you want.

  • Unity

    Learn to lead from abundance where win-win means maximum gain with no harm.

Up Coming BaseCamp Classes

  • In-Person 2-Day BaseCamp
  • $595
  • $1,195 after 12/5/2018
  • Dec 15-16 in Santa Barbara, CA

What Others Say

The COL Learning Experience

Getting your household, church, business and organization (or soccer team) on a solid foundation requires that you go to work to change your thinking.  Sitting in a lecture or reading a book is not enough.  We learned and created our beliefs by experience and in order to change them we have to expose our beliefs with an experience. Once exposed, we can evaluate how those beliefs affect our behavior and their impact on our lives.  In the Leadership Learning Experience we leverage activities and games to help you to develop new behaviors.

NOT a motivational training – although fun and sometimes exciting this will not prepare you for leadership.  You know this if you have attended any a motivational speech or training, they are fun but the results are short lived and the excitement fleeting.

NOT a lecture on what to do – although you have to know what to do, this will NOT prepare you for leadership. How many books have you read with all the necessary instructions and seen nothing change in your life?

The Leadership Learning Experience trains you to be a detective.  In a series of skits games and exercises you practice being a detective to discover the beliefs and strongholds that hold you back from becoming a true leader.

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