Ascent Leadership Training

Ascent Leadership overcome the limiting beliefs

that separate you from the life you want.

This course is designed to help you break through the strongholds that you discovered in BaseCamp. Once you have exposed beliefs that have affected your entire life, you will approach your business, job and your life in an entirely new way.

Ascent Leadership is five days of experiences and exercises designed to help you overcome belief systems that have prevented forward movement any all of your life: business, job, community, even how you contribute. You have an opportunity to address past experiences and circumstances that developed destructive beliefs or behaviors. In this course you discover strongholds you never knew you had and can be liberated from them.

The purpose of this course is breakthrough. In this training, you will experience:

  • Freedom from self-imposed limitations.
  • Clear off past experiences that hold you back.
  • Discover competing commitments that sabotage your success.

In this leadership course, you will also learn fundamental qualities of leadership and teambuilding. Experience leadership and teamwork in a way that will significantly influence how you interact with all your relationships. Discover natural leadership gifts you did not even know you had. Step into a new understanding of your ability to lead. Discover the power of committed teamwork. Experience what can be created when people really get together and work as a team.

Use the Ascent Leadership to:

  • Clarify your vision.
  • Build consensus within a group.
  • Create more power in your agreements.
  • Develop deeper richer communication skills.
  • Experience the power of commitment within a team.
  • Get what it takes to be a true team leader and team player.
  • Discover and capitalize on the strengths of your organization.
  • Learn the character and behavior qualities for great leadership.
  • Learn how to push through conflict and come together as a unit.
  • Build and develop stronger, more powerful, more effective teams.
  • Learn to create in the midst of conflict, stress, or difficult circumstances.

The Ascent Leadership training is only available to BaseCamp graduates. Registration begins on a Sunday at 9am and all sessions end on the following Thursday at 7 p.m. It is a five day experience held in select locations around the world.

Students must attend all sessions
Sunday  10am to ~ 8pm
Monday 10am to ~ 8pm
Tuesday 10am to ~ 8pm
Wednesday 6am to ~ 8pm
Thursday 10am to 7pm

Ascent Leadership – Breakthrough

  • Breakthrough

    Learn to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that keep you from your Audacious Goal

  • Trust

    Learn to trust others. Learn to trust yourself

  • Care

    Learn to give and receive support and watch your obstacles shrink away.

  • Collaboration

    Learn to work with a team to create maximum gain hurting no one or group.

  • Feedback

    Learn to give and receive feedback, telling the truth in love so that you may grow into who God designed you to be.

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