Team Briefing

A two 1/2 hour training – Adventure Inspired
Get your team to focus on your goals and vision

What is it?

The Briefing is a fun class to expose how our ideas about how a team should work actually hinder our ability to address challenges within our organizations. Does your team struggle when faced with changes in staff, systems, or leadership? Are they impacted by past hurts or offences. Is your team in conflict with each other ? Are they truly committed to each others’ success or do they resist working together? Is your team enrolled in your vision or are they focused on their own priorities?

Communication Tools

Learn to encourage and empower each other in all relationships. Your team will discover new ways to recognize conflict before it becomes destructive and they learn to communicate openly with empathy and clarity. You’ will see a remarkable increase willingness to work together. The team gains specific tools to quickly resolve old conflicts and offences and avoid new resentments. The Briefing helps the team be of more service to other members and the organization.

Customized Training

Your team can overcome distractions and be more focused on the goals of your organization. After the Briefing The Council on Leadership does a needs analysis then can create a training course specifically for the needs and objectives of your organization; a training and coaching system tailored to match your mission and vision. We come to your site with training and coaching, and can bring powerful keynote and breakout sessions for your retreats and special events.

Council Learning Experience

What’s different?

Getting your team, be it a church, business or other organization on a solid foundation requires that you go to work to change your thinking. Sitting in a lecture or reading a book is not enough, an emotional motivational speech won’t work either. We learned and created our beliefs through experience and encounter; in order to change them we have to expose those beliefs with a new experience. Once exposed, we can evaluate how those beliefs affect our behavior and impact our lives. In the Council’s Learning Experience we leverage activities and games to help you to develop new behaviors.

NOT a motivational training – although fun and sometimes exciting this will not prepare you for leadership.  You know this if you have attended any a motivational speech or training, they are fun but the results are short lived and the excitement fleeting.

NOT a lecture on what to do – although you have to know what to do, this will NOT prepare you for leadership. How many books have you read with all the necessary instructions and seen nothing change in your life?

The Council’s Learning Experience trains you to be a detective. In a series of skits games and exercises you practice searching out the beliefs and strongholds that hold you back from being what God put in your heart and called you to be. A system to take you as far as you can go, then lift you up to see what God really has planned for you!


Steve is an amazing motivator with a sound grasp on what it takes to be successful in business and a solid theological foundation to minister to partners and clients alike. It has been a privilege to work with Steve and an honor to know him. Things will never be the same…and I’m looking forward to the next time we get to serve together!

Michael Hayward
Michael HaywardSr. Pastor, Speaker, Author

“If you are an individual or team looking to take that next step, get over that one hump, remove that one roadblock – Susan Blais can absolutely make that happen.”

William Huff Jr.
William Huff Jr.Founder

Steve is a very astute business person and an extremely good judge of people. He readily grasps the key components and factors of any given situation, and moves quickly to maximize benefits for the enterprise and his team members. Anyone would do well to count Steve among their valued business associates

Pete Zdanis
Pete ZdanisExecutive Director

“It has truly been a pleasure to see a “Master” (John Edwards) at work in creating an environment that allows and encourages people to accomplish things both professionally and personally that they didn’t believe possible”

Alan Gleghorn
Alan GleghornCEO, Christie Clinic

I have known Steve for well over 10 years… and he has always been helpful. I recommend him for any board evaluation and he will cover just about everything needed.  His ideas are extremely challenging and when he can get 25 people on the same page… well the results are outstanding.

Doris Wood
Doris WoodMLMIA, Founder; TWIG, MLM Management Consultant

John (Edwards) was part of a team that provided high-powered and extremely effective leadership training. John has a deep understanding of this field, and provides a powerful and controlled environment for personal growth.

Eric Anderson
Eric AndersonPresident

Steve coached our team to exceed our goal.  It was a pleasure to work with someone that is dedicated and committed to their work.

Rob Hubert
Rob HubertDirector of Information Technology at Bellevue Pharmacy

Our leadership team spent two days in Steve Hinton’s seminar and we tripled our sales the very next month.

Aaron LocksUniversity of Sports
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