Keys to Abundance

A lesson on rapid turnaround a Leadership Lesson at Agape Church in San Luis Obispo.

Power of Paradigms

Steve is caught in an interview on KVEC discussing the presence and power of our beliefs on our decisions, communication and life.

Power of Paradigms – From Spiderman?

When the pressure is on, what’s on the inside comes out. Peter Parker in Spider-Man is the perfect picture of this, as well as a picture of the hope that we can change.

Chris Durban, Durbania


Men from Agape are gathered at Granite Ridge to learn together about perseverance. How does your vision affect your perseverance?

Agape San Luis Obispo

Killing Giants

This is a Sunday morning lesson for Faith Life Community Church in Nipomo California. Another lesson about how your thinking drives your behavior. You know your purpose, and you have seen it! There is a giant in the way and you must kill it!

Faith Life Community Church

Scarcity or Abundance

This is a Sunday morning lesson for Agape Christian Fellowship. It may challenge your thinking. Steve addresses what he believes to be a misuse of the word repent when Jesus first comes on the scene. Then he directs your attention to a different way to look Abundance. I came that they might have life and have it abundantly. Did this include you?

Agape Christian Fellowship

What Others Say

Jamie & Andy
Aaron from University of Sports
Jocelyn & Matthew