Continue your journey and you will approach your business, job and your life in an entirely new way.

Breakthrough in the beliefs that keep you from the Relationships you really want.
Learn to Trust yourself at very high levels and build confidence.
Create a more Abundant mindset. Breakthrough everywhere scarcity keeps you from the abundance you want and deserve.
Overcome Fear, some you know about and some you will discover and you have the opportunity to set them all behind you!
An entire day committed to creating breakthrough in a Fun outdoor day.
Release off the past. In your last class you discovered a multitude of beliefs that hold you back, Break Free!
Discover and expose your Competing commitments. Those things you are committed to that interfere with your ability to move forward.
Clarify your purpose. You have seen a vision of what you want out of life but society and the lie of  competing commitment have kept you from it! Clarity will result in focus which results in committed action towards the life you want for you and your community.

The Ascent Leadership training begins with registration on a Sunday at 10 am and ends on a Thursday at 7 pm. It is a five day experience held in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California.

 Students attend all sessions      Tuition  $3795 USD

Embassy Suites – SLO
333 Madonna Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA, 93405